As Follower’s in Christ one of our greatest responsibilities is to care for the poor. God has special concern for the poor, so from the very beginning he has commanded his people to look after them.

BLESS-A-CHILD is committed to raising the children entrusted in our care and providing a safe and loving atmosphere. An environment that will meet their physical, social, educational and spiritual needs. We wish to enable them to become independent and self-reliant citizens. We seek to nurture the land of Haiti both physically and spiritually by fostering mature and productive members of society, as well as enabling them to become passionate Christians dedicated to spreading the love of Christ with one another.

To care for and assist the orphans with clothing, shelter, food, medical care, education and safely preparing them for the transition into adulthood and community life. We wish to aid them into accepting the sense of responsibility and leadership as well as the development of self-sufficiency. We plan to motivate and educate the youth and also young adults in the process of community development work.

BAC would like to realize its objectives with the help of local businesses, churches, and participation of the active community. We would like to provide education and community centers for the youth as well as the locals in the community. We might also possibly like to start-up a mid-size clinic and possibly a trade school for graduating children in our orphanage. We believe that all these things can be realized through very much needed aid and possible partnerships. We are also seeking help from educated professionals from all over the world that might specialize in education, health, sanitation, and computerization.

Bless A Child Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 540591
Greenacres, Florida 33454
(561) 248-1799