Jean Alexandre
President |Founder of Bless A Child Foundation.

I am a graduate of Seminary Adventist school in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Afterwards I attended Durham College in Kingston Jamaica. Later on I migrated to New York to continue my education at Rockland Community College in Suffern NY. Years later I attended Hobe Sound Bible College to further enhance my biblical beliefs and knowledge of the word of God. I then earned a degree in biblical studies. I am also a musician: singer, songwriter, and moderator. As a child I’ve always had a passion for music and through the years I’ve had the opportunity to use music as a form of spreading the gospel through worship. As a fully dedicated evangelist and humanitarian, my life purpose is serving the less fortunate orphans in Haiti and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

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Naomie Alexandre

I am the youngest girl of six children. My father being a preacher, missionary, and humanitarian. My mother a housewife and worship leader. I grew up in a household that instilled christian values. As a child my father always gave back to the community. At a young age I learned to appreciate what I had. I also understood the importance of giving back to the less fortunate. I migrated to New York where I attended New Rochelle High school. I’ve always had a passion of caring for others, this gift enabled me to pursue. I later attended Nursing school in Nyack, New York obtaining my nursing degree. I’ve always had a passion for ministries. I truly believe I am fulfilling my life purpose in serving the orphans of Haiti. Not only do I have this amazing opportunity to give back. I am also able to provide them a pillar of hope by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.


Jim Laidlaw
Vice President of Bless A Child Foundation

I graduated from Hampton High School. Studied interdisciplinary studies at Tennessee Temple University and studied Bible at Word of Life Bible Institute


Sarah Alexandre
Executive Vice President Of Bless A Child

I am the daughter of co-founders Jean & Naomie Alexandre. Graduate of Boynton Beach Community High School. Graduate of PBSC. Later on developing a career in Financial Services/ Marketing Sector. I grew up in a deeply rooted Christian environment. My positive spirit, ability to communicate and uplift others enables me to make a difference day to day. I am passionate about the overall well being of humanity. I am committed to uplifting others, and sharing the word of God to the best of my ability. I am dedicated in serving the orphans of Port-au-prince Haiti. I am grateful to be apart of this powerful mission. I strongly believe as we invest in the lives on these children physically, mentally, and spiritually. They will grow up to be great leaders of their country. But most importantly dedicated followers of Christ. With constant prayer. Direction from God. Love and support from others who share a common interests. This vision for Bless A Child Foundation will come to fruition.


Pastor Joseph Nesly
Haiti Coordinator


Rothly Laguerre
New York Regional Manager

Rothly Laguerre is a New York based business professional who has a passion for Marketing and Projects. Rothly works for Creston Electronics an automation and controls manufacturing company as a Project Coordinator. Assisting businesses with their goals and brand image is something he takes pride in doing. While in college Rothly wanted to apply what he was learning in school and into the real world thus he started his own business as a Marketing and Design consultant. After receiving his Bachelors degree in Business Administration from St. Thomas Aquinas College he went on full time to consult and take on projects for local businesses back in his community. In doing so Rothly helped various businesses save money while improving their brand. Rothly thrives in leading/assisting teams in roles where he utilizes his skills in defining and executing the road map to goals and Branding success. Some of the core values he believes in are: being highly motivated, observant, detail-oriented and responsive, with a strong desire to exceed expectations and deliver with good results.

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